Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn…

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

I Hear a New World 01. Orbis Tertius is a performance-drawing and publication by Jamie Atherton, produced for David Medalla’s London Biennale and included in The Slow Burn at Ditch Projects, Oregon, curated by Euan Macdonald. 

In this blog of the same name, the publication was serialised and fragments of associated research shared. Elaboration and annotation on the project is denoted by the heading CIRCLE 2.


1. I hear a new world

No place like Tlön

There was a ship i.

There was a ship ii.

There was a ship iii.

More Thomases i.

More Thomases ii.

More Thomases iii.

More Thomases iv.

More Thomases v.

Dog days are over i.

Dog days are over ii.

Dog days are over iii.

2. Et in Sussex ego

Heading south

Mirrors i.

Mirrors ii.

News from Camber i.

News from Camber ii.

News from Camber iii.

News from Camber iv.

A line made by orbiting i.

A line made by orbiting ii.

A line made by orbiting iii.

A line made by orbiting iv.

A line made by orbiting v.

3. An empty map

figure i.

figure ii.

figure iii.

figure iv.

4. Cold wind, tide moves in

The ferocity of tides i.

The ferocity of tides ii.

The drowned world i.

The drowned world ii.

The drowned world iii.

Rise up i.

Rise up ii.

Rise up iii.

A certain tincture of Socialism i.

A certain tincture of Socialism ii.

5. The horizon of our concerns

Looking backward i.

Looking backward ii.

Looking backward iii.

Muggletonian pursuits

The spheres are in commotion i.

The spheres are in commotion ii.

The spheres are in commotion iii.

The spheres are in commotion iv.

The spheres are in commotion v.

Your uncertain disk i.

Your uncertain disk ii.

Your uncertain disk iii.

6. Full circle

figure v.

figure vi.

figure vii.

figure viii.

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