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01. Orbis Tertius | 2. Et in Sussex ego | a. Heading south i.

i. From Suffolk to Sussex then (the former sounding like a vulgarised form of the latter; a sullying of the sex act that a certain heresiarch of Uqbar might have approved of, believing as he did that copulation is — along with mirrors — “abominable, since they both multiply the numbers of men”¹).


¹ No fear of reproduction on Tlön however, it is seemingly a world devoid of women.

01. Orbis Tertius | 1. I hear a new world | c. More Thomases iv.

iv. Another Thomas, the musician Thomas Dolby, played keyboard on Belinda Carlisle’s 1988 hit Circle in the Sand. Dolby’s great-great-grandfather built the maltings in Snape, Suffolk where in 2011 Aldeburgh Music hosted an event celebrating the legacy of German writer Winfried Georg Sebald.